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What are PageFunctions in WPF

What are PageFunctions in WPF Definition: Page functions are very much similar to Page class. We can design PageFunction in the designer and can add controls to a PageFunctions as well. Also we can navigate to a PageFunction through hyperlinks or by using NavigationService . The principal difference between Page and PageFunction object is that … Continue reading

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Understanding In and Out of XAML in WPF

Download/Read PDF version here 1. What is XAML? Extensible Application Markup Language and pronounced “zammel” is a markup language used to instantiate .NET objects. Although XAML is a technology that can be applied to many different problem domains, its primary role in life is to construct WPF user interfaces. If we’re a graphic designer, that … Continue reading

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Understanding Uncompiled XAML to design dynamic UI in WPF.

Download/Read PDF version here Introduction: This is a specialized approach that makes sense in certain scenarios where we need highly dynamic user interfaces. We load part of the user interface from a XAML file at runtime using the XamlReader class from the System.Windows.Markup namespace. One of the most interesting ways to use XAML is to … Continue reading

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Windows Presentation Foundation: What, Why and When

READ /DOWNLOAD PDF FROM HERE  A. WHY WPF: WPF is framework to build application for windows. It is designed for .NET influenced by modern display technologies like HTML and Flash and hardware acceleration. Don’t take WPF as replacement for window forms which has been hot favorite for developers like us for building application for windows. … Continue reading

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