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Understanding C# Constructors and its types

Understanding C# Constructors and its type What are constructors: Constructor is a special kind of method which have name same as that of class they belong and gets executed when its (class) object is created. In other words a constructor is a class default method that gets automatically executed whenever class’s object is created or … Continue reading

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Understanding Static & Dynamic Polymorphism with Examples.

Understanding Static & Dynamic Polymorphism with Examples. What is polymorphism? Poly means many. So how can we take this definition in .NET context. Well we can apply this to class’s ability to share the same methods (actions) but implement them differently. Suppose we have a method in a class to add numbers, public class calculation … Continue reading

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Learning exception handling in C# with 8 Points

Learning exception handling in C# with 8 Points Exceptions: Exceptions are unforeseen errors that happen in our programs. Most of the time, we can, and should, detect and handle program errors in your code. Exception is handling is in build feature of.NET framework which find the errors and helps us in handling them. Exceptions are … Continue reading

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