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Windows Presentation Foundation: What, Why and When

READ /DOWNLOAD PDF FROM HERE  A. WHY WPF: WPF is framework to build application for windows. It is designed for .NET influenced by modern display technologies like HTML and Flash and hardware acceleration. Don’t take WPF as replacement for window forms which has been hot favorite for developers like us for building application for windows. … Continue reading

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Creating and managing User Defined Functions in SQL Server 2008:

download PDF version here What are UDF: SQL server provides list of many predefined functions that are built in to the T-SQL language. The supplied functions helps extend the capabilities of T-SQL, providing the ability to perform string manipulation, mathematical calculations data type conversion etc. but often we need something which is not provided using … Continue reading

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Create your first CLR Trigger in SQL Server 2008 using C#

What are CLR Triggers?  a) CLR triggers are trigger based on CLR. b) CLR integration is new in SQL Server 2008. It allows for the database objects (such as trigger) to be coded in .NET. c)  Object that have heavy computation or require reference to object outside SQL are coded in the CLR. d) We … Continue reading

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