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Understanding XAML Namespace in Silverlight

Understanding XAML Namespace in Silverlight: [Download PFD version here Understanding XAML Namespace in Silverlight Introduction: As a high storey building cannot be build on loose foundation, similarly a rich Silverlight application cannot be made without solid foundation and clear understanding of XAML. XAML Extensible Application Markup language is a markup language used to instantiate .NET objects. … Continue reading

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Navigation in Silverlight : Using Nagivation Framework

Navigation in Silverlight -3 [Download PDF version of article here Navigation Framework in Silverlight] 1. Introduction: In previous article we learn to navigate to another Silverlight page without using navigation framework, which is new feature in Silverlight 3. Read it Here: http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/37db1d/4958/Default.aspx?ArticleID=cb0b291c-52ae-4b80-a95c-438d76fa1145 So in this article we will learn how to create a navigation experience … Continue reading

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WCF Essentials : All what you literally need to know before programming.

WCF Essentials: All what you need to know literally before coding. [Problem viewing article, download PDF version of article here: WCF Essentials] Introduction:  In my last article we leant what WCF is all about, when to use it and in what kind of practical computing complexities. Haven’t read, click here to read https://vishalnayan.wordpress.com/2010/12/31/wcf-what-why-when/. Here in this … Continue reading

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Navigation in Silverlight 3:Using UserControl

Navigation in Silverlight – Part 1 [Problem viewing , read pdf version of full article here  Navigation in Silverlight] Introduction: In traditional ASP.NET client applications which are built around different web pages that encapsulate distinct tasks and in order to create this sort of application in Silverlight, we have couple of ways to do. Silverlight … Continue reading

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